free online access for community scholars

The Community Scholar Pilot Program was launched in 2016
for leaders of charitable and nonprofit societies in British Columbia!
Over the coming year, up to 100 community leaders have access to the latest academic research to help them inform their work. They are known as "Community Scholars" and play an active part in shaping this unique pilot. 




Community Scholars have online access to thousands of academic journals for free.
Through the SFU library search facility,  community leaders can search for articles that may help them to, for example, write a more effective grant application, refine a strategic plan, update policies, learn from another setting, or explore a new way of thinking.

There is a diverse variety of topics available from Administrative Science Quarterly to Zoological Studies.



Community Scholars are invited to explore how to make academic research more impactful. Research is generally written for an academic audience and the findings may need to be “translated” to be truly accessible. This pilot will explore several ways to support Community Scholars - such as help with searches and tailored summaries of the latest research.



Our view is that the mutual exchange of knowledge between academic researchers and practitioners can have benefits for future research and practice. This pilot will explore ways to make connections between Community Scholars and the authors of published research. Our volunteer team is committed to finding creative ways to make this happen.



We’re interested in finding out whether there are people in the community who want to access research to use in their practice. This pilot seeks to better understand what is needed. The results will be openly shared with other communities who may design their own Community Scholar initiatives.